Here is the list you have to check before having a session with English Ninjas:

1) Make sure that your browser is Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

English Ninjas uses WebRTC technology for video streaming. WebRTC performs best in Google Chrome browsers.
Download Google Chrome:

2) Be sure your browser up to date.
-Go to Google Chrome settings.

-Click "About Google Chrome" button under "Help" section.

-Check your Google Chrome version. If it is not up to date then update it to the latest version.

3) Be sure that  "Cookie Data" option is open:
-Click three points (most right and up button) in your browser

-Click "Settings"

-Click "Content Settings" under Advanced Settings

- Click " Cookies" section

-Be sure that your options look like below:

3) Be sure that your firewall hasn't been blocking English Ninjas

4) Do not try to make a session via "Incognito Window"

5) Be sure that you enable microphone and camera authorization to English Ninjas

How to enable microphone and camera authorization:

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