Once you purchase an English Ninjas subscription package, you will have access to all our educational content.

You will be able to prepare for your sessions by reading level-appropriate material that is suitable to your areas of interest. 

In order to read our educational content: 


1) Go to the "Topics" page

2) If you would like to work on an article, click on "Articles". If you would like to work on our curriculum material, click "Curriculum". 

3) Please select an area of interest and your level in order to search for appropriate articles, for curriculum material selecting your level only will be sufficient. 

4) Click on "View Topic" in order to view the selected content 

5) Click on "Choose Topic" in order to view a list of English Ninjas tutors who are currently available to work on this content with you 

6) By clicking on the “Practice” button, you can start working on this content with the tutor of your choice             


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