The tutors working for English Ninjas are selected upon a rigorous interview process.  The qualifications they are required to have are as follows:

1) Being a native speaker

All of tutors on English Ninjas speak English as their native language. Tutors who are not native speakers of English are not allowed to work on our platform. 

2) Experience

In the selection process, experience is another qualification that we look for. All of our tutors are highly experienced and they continue to teach at various institutions around the world while working with  us. 

3) Tech-savviness

Another qualification we require is being tech-savvy. All of our tutors are skillful and willing to adapt to distance learning. Your weaknesses and mistakes are reviewed and revised just like in a physical one-on-one tutorial environment. 

4) Attitude

The right attitude is also an important requirement. All of our tutors are highly personable and they enjoy teaching. English Ninjas tutors are passionate about building a career in education and work on our platform with great care.

5) Special Areas of Interest

All of our tutors have special areas of interest. You may view these on their profile pages. You can also select a tutor by conducting a search based on areas of interest. Additionally, you can have a better idea of their accents and pace of speech after watching their profile videos. 

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