On English Ninjas, you can find subscription options suitable to every need. Thanks to our flexible subscription packages, you can easily construct a goal-oriented study program.

10 Minutes - Survival English

The 10-minute package is ideal for those who want to improve their day-to-day speaking skills. You will be able to overcome your timidness and you will start feeling at ease while conversing with native speakers. 

20 Minutes -- Improve Your English Skills

The 20-minute package is ideal for polishing your English speaking skills. With this package, you will learn how to express yourself in different ways. By improving your vocabulary, you will be able to discuss intellectual matters in English. If you are thinking of staying or studying abroad for a long term, this package will be highly beneficial for you. 

30 Minutes -- Advanced English

The 30-minute package is ideal for acquiring business English skills. With this package, you will be able to form sophisticated sentences. You will gain the tools needed to express yourself in a rather detailed manner during meetings with your foreign associates. By reading advanced level articles, you will feel at ease conversing about a large variety of subjects. 

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