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There are several restrictions in the changing process:

  1. You can change your package only once a day.

  2. You can increase your package's time period, but you can not decrease it.

(For example, if you have a 6-month package, you can upgrade it to a 12-month package, but can not downgrade it to a 3-month package.)

In order to change your package, follow these steps below:

1- Go to the home page.

2- Click "i" button for go to "Subscription Page".

3- Click on "Change My Subscription".

4- Select your new package.

5- Click on "Change My Subscription".

Your package will be changed.

P.S. : On the day you change your package, you will have minutes belonging to your first and new package. The next day, you will continue with your new package.

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